Staying with celebs – it’s not so far-fetched

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Posted by Sarah

I was reading earlier today about Hollywood director Francis Ford Coppola’s new hotel in Buenos Aires. Apparently it’s called Jardin Escondido (or Hidden Garden in English) and there are only seven rooms available for booking – so it’s super exclusive! Even more excitingly, there’s an outdoor kitchen, a solar-heated pool and three levels of gardens – sounds like heaven if you’re a green-loving, cooking-crazy gal like me.

Of course, economic woes mean that most people in the UK feel like they can’t afford such luxury these days. But staying in a celebrity hotel and feeling some glitz and glamour on tight purse strings isn’t that far-fetched – and you won’t even have to stray far from home.

Take Cardiff, for instance. Offbeat American actor John Malkovich – you might remember him in Dangerous Liaisons, Burn After Reading and of course, Being John Malkovich – owns a hotel there called The Big Sleep. It’s very central, just ten minutes from Cardiff Central train station and supposedly uber stylish. Better yet, it’s actually pretty cheap; even the Penthouse is only £99, or thereabouts.

Also in Cardiff, you’ll find The Church Hotel – a three star B&B owned by homegrown opera diva Charlotte Church’s parents. She’s said to help out there from time to time so, if you’re lucky, you might find yourself being served eggs and bacon in the Welsh capital by the celebrity herself!

Travel a little further down to Devon and you’ll find The Woodbury Park Hotel and Golf Club, owned by former Formula One champion Nigel Mansell. Its secluded countryside location looks really inviting – and I imagine that if you like golf it’s even better! This one looks a bit expensive though, so if it is out of your budget, you could maybe visit its restaurant, which looks scrumptious.

And if you’re happy to travel across the water to Dublin – flights can be very cheap these days, you know – you’ll definitely want to take a look at The Clarence, which is part-owned by Bono and The Edge from U2. A friend of mine (a huge U2 fan) stayed here recently and said it was just gorgeous. Again, it’s a pricier one but even just a night’s stay looks like it would be really memorable. And you never know – you might just find yourself face to face with the world-famous singer and his Stetson over the breakfast table.

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