Staycation vs. Vacation: The Ultimate Debate

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So, you’ve decided you’d like to go on a short break, but the question is; where would you like to go? Are you dreaming of an adventurous escape to foreign lands, or looking to appreciate the fantastic sights the UK can offer us?

The old Staycation vs. Vacation debate has baffled and bewildered us intrepid travellers for decades now, and it’s time we laid down the pros for each! That way, we can all make an informed decision on which destination is the right destination for our next short break. Simple.


Let’s hit it off with a comfy choice…the Staycation! We all like to be comfy don’t we? Think about those comfy slippers, that comfy jumper, your comfy bed. You never hear anyone moaning about being too comfortable, do you? And that’s exactly how I like to see the Staycation! Sometimes not having to worry about the location of your passport, exchanging your currency, remembering those hard-to-find foreign adaptors is exactly the kind of short break we need. Just pack a small bag, chuck it in the car and off you go!

Experience spectacular views of up to 25miles from the top of the London Eye

Comfy doesn’t have to be boring either! According to VisitBritain, more than 30 million people on average visit the UK each year to see the wonderfully exciting attractions we have to offer. From great heritage and historical sights to stunning landscapes and outdoor escapes, our tiny isles are jam-packed with incredible things to see and do.

UK city destinations such as London and Edinburgh are brimming with history and culture us Brits should really make time to appreciate. Whether it’s discovering that Edinburgh Castle is built on part of an ancient extinct volcano or experiencing 360 views of up to 25miles from the top of the London Eye, we’ve certainly got a lot to be proud of and a lot to explore!

The historically fascinating Edinburgh Castle, built on part of an ancient extinct volcano!

We’re not short of stunning landscapes in the UK either. With country hot spots like the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales on our doorstep, enjoying a rural retreat is an excellent choice for any UK short break. Getting those hiking boots on for a trek through the British countryside, or biking your way round the magnificent lakes with your family in tow are just some of the magical things you can experience on Staycations in the UK.

And what about the seaside? Us lucky Brits are never more than 75 miles away from the coast, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a typical British adventure to the seaside? Traditional fish ‘n’ chips, yummy ice cream in a cone, a stick of colourful rock, donkey rides down the beach, sandcastle competitions, paddling in the sea; all fantastic memories from my childhood beach holidays in the UK. From Bournemouth and Brighton to Blackpool and Scarborough, there’s a beach near you waiting to be discovered.


Let’s get straight to it. The main reason we all love a vacation abroad is the weather. As much as I love Britain, at times the weather does try my patience. All we want is a bit more sunshine here and there – is that too much to ask? Well, apparently it is. So come summer time, we’re packing our sun cream and flip flops, and jetting off to warmer climes! Dreaming about warm summer days walking through the lush vineyards and lavender fields in the Provence, or sunbathing 12 hours a day in the French Riviera get me through most rainy days in the UK.

The pebbled beach in Nice, French Riviera is perfect for catching those summer rays!

With new climates, comes new culture and foodie delicacies just waiting for us to discover. Experience Spanish Tapas al fresco style, share a traditional Italian pizza with love one, indulge in heavenly Belgian chocolates, or try something completely new…French frog legs or snails anyone?! There really is so much choice out there to feed your new culture cravings and that’s what a European vacation is all about! As well as a whole host of new culinary delights to try, you’ll find heaps of a history and heritage to fascinate the mind! With the likes of Rome dating back to another century and Athens named one of the oldest cities in the world, it’s more than enough to satisfy you history buffs!

For the adventurers among us, the Vacation opens up doors to a whole host of new and exciting activities! From beautiful ski resorts in Switzerland and Austria to idyllic sailing in the bays of Croatia, thrill-seeking abroad has never been easier. If you were hoping for a little less adventure and a little more relaxing, sightseeing and shopping, then you’ll find the likes of Barcelona the perfect choice!

A visit to Rome is not complete without a trip to the ancient ruins at the Roman Forum

And finally…we work bloomin’ hard for our short breaks, so naturally we search high and low for the best prices out there. Whenever I’m planning a little trip away, I often find travelling abroad can be cheaper than staying in the UK and truthfully, you can’t argue with numbers!

There you have it my little Superbreakers…you’ve got all the facts, it’s over to you to battle out the Staycation vs. Vacation debate! What’s your go-to short break choice for 2015?

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