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Guest post by David Haynes

Alright, before I get into this I have to point out that I stole this blog title from the Shrek’s Adventure itself, so I can take neither credit/blame (delete as appropriate). However I do love a good pun so I couldn’t resist.


I have been fortunate enough through the power of picking names out of a hat (in this case I think it was a box) to be selected to go and review the brand new Shrek’s Adventure with my colleague Alison. I also must add that this has been a real bone of contention with my wife to the point that I had to stop mentioning it for an easier home life; the girl really, likes, Shrek; and Donkey’s…no joke. Shrek’s Adventure is also really easy to get to and find, as it’s directly below the London Eye which is really important for a person like me who has no sense of direction!

I’ll try not to give away too much of the content as it is a brand new story and I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you, however, here’s a flavour of what you’ll see and who you’ll meet.

We started by being met by the (deliberately) nauseatingly pleasant travel crew (which is a nice little bit of satire on the American service culture I thought), before meeting Princess Fiona and Donkey who then led us onto the 4D experience bus ride. The ride was really good fun, quite a lot like the EuroDisney Star Wars ride, or the journey of a beer section of the Heineken experience.


After the ride our quest began in earnest, with the first stop being the Swamp (complete with swampy smells), followed by some fortune telling fun with Esmerelda and then a trip to the pub to find Puss, because that’s where cats go. Next we heard some fibs from Pinocchio in Lord Farquaad’s former dungeon, then met with everyone’s favourite narcoleptic princess Sleeping Beauty and finally it was the climactic finale, which you will have to find out for yourselves (and no asking the mirror on the wall either!!!).


On the way out there were opportunities for pictures with the Ogre himself (who unlike his swamp smells fine), plus more photo opportunities with your favourite characters from Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train your Dragon which was a mix of scenes and actors.

As we left A Kingdom Far Far Away, another guest commented that Shrek’s Adventure was ‘like the London Dungeons for kids’, which I half agreed with. I’m a huge fan of both the London and Edinburgh Dungeon’s and so this is a successful formula that has been ported over to Shrek. I suppose I also have to concede the point that this primarily aimed at children, but as the films appeal to all ages, so does Shrek’s Adventure. Suffice to say that after an hour and a half of smiles my face was definitely aching.


So did I enjoy it? Enormously, but I doubt that many of you needed the fortune teller’s crystal ball to have come to that conclusion already. I guess that one day I’ll eventually have to grow up, but with places like Shrek’s Adventure around it won’t be today and it probably won’t be tomorrow either.


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