Scotland’s first 4D cinema to open in Edinburgh

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3D cinema has enjoyed a major revival of late – amongst ‘kids’ of all ages. Now Scotland is getting in on the action by opening its first 4D cinema in the new year, which promises to be a mesmerising experience!

The 4D cinema will form part of the Our Dynamic Earth attraction in Edinburgh – an interactive science centre that takes visitors on a journey through the history and sights of the world, from the frozen arctic tundra to the depths of the ocean. According to the Scotsman, this new feature will take the interactive experience even further, by combining a 3D film with relevant physical effects to engage as many senses as possible.

Put simply, this means visitors can look forward to feeling the frosty winds of the Arctic circle on their face, smelling a rhino up close (if you’re sure you’re up to it…) and feeling the vibrations of their virtual journey produced by small machines in their seats that are rather delightfully known as ‘ButtKickers!’

4D cinemas have proven themselves to be extremely popular additions to other tourist attractions in the UK – most obviously the £5 million film created for the London Eye, but also more modest attractions at places like Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Never a nation to be beaten when it comes to technological innovation, Scotland’s first permanent foray into the fourth dimension will make use of the very latest scientific wizardry to create the ultimate 4D experience, including artificial snow flakes that have been developed at the National Space Centre in Leicester. It does sound like a unmissable experience!

This new attraction is sure to boost visitor numbers to Our Dynamic Earth significantly. The 4D cinema is replacing the less exciting Gallery of Contrasts that’s now been closed to make way for the £700,000 refurbishment, which is being partly funded by the Scottish Government. Visitors are being assured that Our Dynamic Earth itself will stay open throughout the work – so this won’t be a repeat of Edinburgh’s notorious tram works!

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