Russia Win the 2018 World Cup Bid

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Posted by Matt

Russia has won the right to host the 2018 World Cup, beating bids from Spain/Portugal, Holland/Belgium and of course England. Before the announcement was made that the World Cup would be help in Russia for the very first time in 2018 it had already been rumoured that England were out of the running in the first of 3 rounds of voting.

England began their World Cup bid in a strong position with one of the world’s biggest fan bases, one of the world’s most watched football leagues and some of the world’s best football stadiums in London, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool. However, after controversy surrounding the FA Chairman Lord Triesman and a BBC Panorama programme that shed a negative light on World Cup bidding process, England’s bid was left in tatters.

The English World Cup bid was boosted in the last few days by rallied support from David Beckham, Prime Minister David Cameron and Prince William. But it seems that the previous damage done to the World Cup bid was irreversible leaving England without the World Cup until at least 2030, which is the earliest they can re-bid for the competition.

The announcement for the World Cup hosts in 2022 was also made today with Qatar, a nation that has never even qualified for the World Cup, winning the hosting rights.

So did the right countries win? Should England have got the bid? Or did we damage our own World Cup bid with negative press and controversy?

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