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Posted by Danielle

Only 7 days in to 2011 and details of the royal wedding are finally starting to emerge. Prince William and Kate Middleton promised that the day would reflect the current economic climate and as the Palace has already confirmed the low key arrival at the ceremony as well as the reception this all seems to be ringing true.

Kate plans on arriving at Westminster Abbey in one of the Queens state cars opting out of the traditional horse-drawn carriage. This will be the first time since the 1963 wedding of the Queens cousin Princess Alexandra that there will be no arrival by carriage. But the understated car journey will soon be a distant memory as Prince William and Kate will leave the Abbey followed by thousands of soldiers, military bands and mounted regiments as they return to Buckingham Palace for the reception.

The reception will follow the Palace balcony kiss and will once again be scaled down as less than half of the congregation will be invited to a buffet-style party hosted by the Queen. After some Royal down time the celebrations will pick up again with a private dinner with Prince Charles for close friends and family of the newlyweds.

Further details of the wedding are due to be announced in the next few weeks and the demand of hotels in London since the wedding has been announced is incredible. Hundreds and thousands of people are expected to line the streets in celebration of the future King of England’s wedding and many more from across the world are expected to watch the events unfold live on TV. 

What do you think about the Royal Wedding Day plans so far?

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