Royal Wedding in 3D?

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The amount of people who will visit London over the weekend of 29th of April is going to be huge. Hotels in London have seen a surge in bookings and Royal Wedding fever has well and truly hit the nation. Up and down the UK people are making plans for the long weekend and street parties and tea parties are high up on the priority list.

Many broadcasters had hoped that the service would be filmed in 3D but due to the space needed for the cameras it was quickly stated that this was not going to happen. Instead the millions of people worldwide which will tune in for the Royal Wedding will have to make do with regular coverage of the ceremony on TV, radio and in print.

Prince William has also put a ban on celebrity performances at Westminster Abbey. It was rumoured that Elton John, who famously sang at Princess Diana’s funeral would sing, but the couple have instead gone for a more traditional church music and choir.

Prince William and Kate Middleton will be married at Westminster Abbey with Kate arriving by car instead of the more traditional royal horse drawn carriage. The rest of the day however will be sure to take on more of a conventionally royal feel with a reception hosted by the Queen and an evening dinner hosted by Prince Charles.

What are your plans for the Royal Wedding?

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