Rise in Channel Islands holidays – but I’ve still never been

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Posted by Sarah

I’ve just read this article about how searches for breaks in the Channel Islands have skyrocketed this year and I can’t say I’m surprised. The Channel Islands is still part of the British Isles and it uses the pound, so there’s no need to worry about poor exchange rates. But because you have to get a plane or a ferry to get there, it feels completely like you’re going to Europe – and the French place names only enhance the effect!

However, I’m slightly ashamed to admit it but I’ve never actually been to the Channel Islands, although I’ve heard loads about them. I have a friend from Guernsey who’s always trying to get me to come and visit, so maybe I should take up the offer sooner rather than later. If you are travelling to Guernsey or Jersey this summer, however, here’s a few tips I’ve picked up and stored for future use over the years.

For starters, it’s a lot easier to get to the Channel Islands than you might think. Budget airline flybe.com operates flights to Guernsey from airports across the country, from Aberdeen to London to Southampton. However, if you drive, you might want to consider getting a ferry across the channel so you’ll be able to drive around easily when you’re there. If you are driving, though, make sure you stay on the soft drinks! There are loads of great pubs and bars in the Channel Islands, as well as excellent restaurants, so it’s a great, original place to go if you’re gastronomically-inclined.

What’s more, be sure that you spend some time off the main islands to see their smaller sisters. Alderney, a three-mile wide island which is just a few miles off the coast of France (but still in the UK), is supposed to be beautiful and all the shops, restaurants and cafes you’ll find there are locally owned. Herm is supposedly popular for day trips too, but there’s only one hotel there so book well in advance if you’re planning to stay the night.

In fact, if you’re still in the planning stage for your impending Channel Islands adventure, I’d suggest making your moves soon. With searches for the Jersey and Guernsey holiday increasing by 101 per cent, it’s a fair bet that hotels in the Channel Islands will be pretty packed come summer. Now, I better go call that friend of mine…

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