7 Real Reasons Berlin should be on your Short Break List

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There are plenty of reasons to visit pretty much anywhere in Europe, but Berlin really is one of those places you just have to visit at least once in your lifetime. So, whilst it’s our destination of the month and we’re giving away a free travel guide, we thought we’d highlight some of the best and very real reasons to make your way to the German capital.

Party for 24hours…non-stop

It’s no secret that Germany as a whole likes to party, and being the capital Berlin has really taken on the challenge for being the craziest night out in Europe. Aside from drinking in the streets being allowed, many bars and clubs stay open all weekend, so you can get a real taste for what it’s like to party non-stop. Monday’s can’t be nice, though.

A night out in Berlin never ends early

Museums galore

With around 150 museums to keep you busy, there’s no shortage of learning to be had on a short break in Berlin. They even have a handful of museums on an island – ‘Museum Island’ to be precise. Settle on the tip of Spree Island in the city centre, it’s the only architectural and cultural landmark that’s considered part of UNESCO world heritage. The masterpiece of the island is the bust of Nefertiti, wife of Egyptian Pharaoh, Akhenaten.

Berlin’s Museum Island

It’s completely flat

Now I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to get a bit of exercise on a break, but who really wants to walk half a mile uphill to get to the next attraction? Thankfully, Berlin is incredibly flat and makes for the perfect stroll-around city break. Wander until your heart’s content, or better still…hire a bike! In reality Berlin is really quite big, so hopping on a bike may not be the worst idea. Pretty much every road in the city has cycle lanes so it’s all super safe, too.

Berlin is one of the safest cities to cycle in – image from Steven Vance

They Celebrate the Great Outdoors

Berlin is often referred to as ‘The Green City’, and considering nearly a fifth of it is covered in trees it’s no wonder. Boasting 2,500 parks, you really can get to grips with nature without having to leave town. Each of them offer something entirely different, whether it’s swimming in Schlachtensee Lake, photographing the stunning waterfall in Kreuzberg’s Viktoriapark or strolling around Grunewald forest, there’s no excuse for going back to the hotel early.

Boats on Schlachtensee Lake – image from alles banane

Food, glorious food

This is what you really want to read about, right? Easily the most important thing about going to a new city, knowing the food that awaits for you is delicious makes it all the more exciting! Well, in Berlin you really are spoilt when it comes to cuisine. Whether you dine in style in the high end restaurants or take advantage of the incredible fast food (we’d honestly recommend the fast food on this occasion!), you’re 100% guaranteed to enjoy some of the tastiest food you’ll ever get your teeth into. As most visitors will agree, a Berlin kebab, currywurst and schnitzel are must tries.

Currywurst is a must! Image from Tim Lucas
It might not be the healthiest, but you can’t leave Berlin without indulging in a kebab! Image from Luke Simshauser

There’s history you can feel

There’s no doubting that Berlin’s history is one far more interesting than most, but rather than hiding it all away in museums, this is a place where history is still a huge part of the local landscape. From obvious points of interest such as the Berlin Wall – which, by the way, is probably one of the most emotional places you’ll ever visit – there’s also the likes of The Book Burning Library with its empty shelves and the Holocaust Memorial lined with 2,711 concrete slabs. Berlin’s history is very much present.

The Holocaust Memorial makes for an emotional day out in Berlin – image from John O’Shea

It’s not crime, it’s art

Back home in the UK we’d be murmuring under our breath about the terrible graffiti defacing our backstreets and empty shops. However, Berlin has very much embrace graffiti and street art as the wondrous talent it is…and it’s not just a bunch of guys on skateboards with spray paint. You’ll find it everywhere, literally everywhere throughout the city, whether it be painted murals, urban knitting or guerrilla gardening (I’d never heard of it, either). So, embrace it on your visit. It makes for great photos.

Berlin Street Art
Berlin Street Art – Photo by 1Up Berlin

Hopefully these seven reasons have convinced you to put Berlin to the top of your to-do list this year. And if not, then you’re missing out!

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