Re-arranging your holiday during a crisis

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Hmmm. It’s not been the happiest few days for news has it? It feels like wherever I go, I can’t get away from news about swine flu. Thankfully, I don’t know anyone who has had to re-arrange any impending holidays in Mexico due to the outbreak but I have read a few sorrowful tales about people having to cancel dream honeymoons to the Central American paradise, like this one in The Telegraph for instance.

However, it has got me thinking. Having to re-arrange holidays as a result of a sudden or ongoing crisis in your destination of choice isn’t exactly an uncommon phenomenon. One of my relatives had scheduled a holiday in Madrid in 2004 but had to come up with an alternative after the train bombings in the city. And the neighbour planning to travel to Sri Lanka during her epic Asian tour? She’s planning to bypass the country altogether until its longstanding civil war has calmed down somewhat.

My suggestion if you have to re-organise your holiday for any reasons akin to the above is to pick somewhere similar in atmosphere. For example, if you’re trying to find an alternative to Mexico, try Malaysia – it’s a really beautiful country and its gorgeous islands are well-known for their luxury resorts and great diving opportunities. What’s more, if you’re a UK citizen, you won’t need to get a visa prior to landing there, something that’s a definite advantage if you’re in a last-minute holiday planning rush.

Egypt’s Red Sea Riviera also provides an excellent tropical location, and the area’s popularity with British tourists means that it’s increasingly easy to find last-minute deals on four-star and five-star resorts in the area. I think Greece is always a reliable option when it comes to stunning sea, gorgeous sand and glorious food too. Even if you spent a lot of time there on clubbing holidays in your youth, I wouldn’t rule it out – revisiting the country and staying in a luxury hotel is sure to make the experience seem like a totally different one.

Of course, you could always opt for a secret holiday – i.e., get one of your holiday companions to do the work and not tell you where your final destination will be. But whatever you opt for, remember that panicking is never a practicable solution – and knowing how to rearrange a holiday at speed is definitely a desirable travel skill!

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