Quiz: How Yorkshire are You?

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As we await the highly anticipated Tour de Yorkshire race this coming May Bank Holiday, we look forward to the spotlight once again being shone on our wonderful home county. SuperBreak Towers is full of Yorkshire folk, but….just how Yorkshire are you? Take the quiz below to find out!


1. Where are you most likely to go for dinner on a Sunday?

A. Toby Carvery
B. Mum’s House
C. Local Italian Restaurant
D. Anywhere where the food is Instagram-worthy


2. Which classic British sitcom was the best?

A. Fawlty Towers
B. Open All Hours
C. Blackadder
D. Only Fools and Horses


3. If I were offering you ‘Spice’, what would you expect to receive?

A. A mix of flavoursome powders
B. Some sweets
C. A drink
D. Money. Hopefully money


4. How often do you tell your friends/colleagues how great Yorkshire is?

A. Almost never
B. At every possible opportunity
C. Every now and then
D. Is it really that great? Really?


5. Which item of head gear are you likely to wear?

A. Standard baseball cap
B. One of my many flat caps
C. Cosy beanie, even in summer
D. Snapback, all day long


6. When does BBQ season begin?

A. Summertime
B. Whenever it reaches above 10 degrees
C. When Sainsbury’s start selling disposable ones
D. When it starts trending on Twitter


7. In a bar, what drink would you order?

A. A Pint
B. Anything under £2.50
C. Fruity cocktail
D. Pimms with all the trimmings


8. Which city would you prefer to visit on a short break?

A. Manchester
B. York
C. Birmingham
D. London




You’re Northern, but you’re not Yorkshire

You’re probably one of our cousins from across t’ Pennines. We’ve similar got similar traits but the War of the Roses put pay to us ever being friends. Yorkshire’s just that bit bigger…and we’re better at cricket.


You’re reet Yorkshire, you!

You walk down snickets and watch Emmerdale religiously. You acknowledge that anywhere below Sheffield is ‘The South’, and that shorts & T-Shirt is acceptable attire for any time of year. With pint in hand and Whippet by your side, you’re Yorkshire through and through.


You’d love to be from Yorkshire, but you’re not

Perhaps you’re from somewhere in the middle of England that isn’t quite Yorkshire but wish you were. Settled between the great North/South divide trying not to take sides….but we know your secret. You adore everything about God’s Own County – the scenery, the history, the food – we won’t tell anyone. Promise.


100% Southern

Well, what can we say….why did you even take this quiz? Yorkshire you aren’t, but you’re welcome up North any time.

Let us know how Yorkshire you are by commenting below or sharing on social media!

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