Queens Diamond Jubilee

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2012 is a huge year for England as we prepare for the arrival of the Olympic Games and celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. London is going to be a busy hub of activity and while many people are planning on heading to the capital to make the most of these incredible events, some are opting to explore other parts of the region and escape from it all.

Up and down the UK people are already adding the final touches to their Queens Jubilee celebrations; many are planning street parties while others are preparing for their trip to London. London hotels for the Jubilee weekend have also seen a huge early booking increase as visitors from all over the world are heading over to join in this huge day.

If you are looking to make the most out of the extended bank holiday weekend then a short break or a getaway is perfect and you don’t have to face the London crowds to celebrate the Jubilee. The Royals are well known for frequenting many beauty spots in the UK including Sandringham, the Palace of Holyroodhouse and Balmoral and with many hotels surrounding these beautiful locations you could soon be enjoying a break like royalty.

For many people the  Jubilee brings back memories of last year’s Royal Wedding, when the UK went crazy and communities joined together to celebrate a truly historic day. In the run up to the Royal Wedding it was thought that many Brits were taking advantage of the long weekend and deciding to jet off to warmer climates and simply watch the event unfold from the comfort of their sun lounges and with the June extended weekend

If you still haven’t decided on how you want to spend the weekend make sure you check out our Queen’s Jubilee breaks with ideas for people who want to celebrate and those who don’t!

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