P&O Mini Cruises to Amsterdam with Superbreak – What to Expect

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Guest Blog Post: In this article guest blogger Stephanie Staszko from MF Airport Parking reviews her recent Superbreak Minicruise to Amsterdam…

P&O Mini Cruise

Amsterdam is one of those European cities that you have to visit at least once in a lifetime. It is a fantastic city with a thriving atmosphere and great pubs, not to mention the eye-opening Red Light District. I took the plunge to visit the city a few months ago, but instead of hopping on a flight I decided to do things the Superbreak way and book a mini-cruise from Hull to Rotterdam. After I booked I had mixed feelings about my upcoming trip; would I enjoy spending so much time on a ferry or should I have just booked flights?

Thankfully I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, with the ferry adding so much to my holiday – you can’t have a boogey on the plane! So I decided I’d give Superbreak readers a rundown of what to expect from the whole experience so you can decide whether it’s for you or not.

After checking out the time schedule for the trip here I chose to stay a night in Amsterdam before embarking on my return cruise. I would recommend that first-time visitors to Amsterdam book a 2 night stay in the city as there’s so much to explore and that’s my only regret of the whole trip.

On-board the Ship

The first night involved the ship departing at 9pm, and after a meal in the Four Seasons restaurant (you can really stuff your faces in here!) the entertainment kicked in. The piano bar on the top deck known as the Sky Lounge Bar was a fantastic place to unwind and watch the ship makes its way down the coastline at sunset. The pianist that night played a few instrumental numbers before bursting tunefully into some well-known classics (although it’s worth bearing in mind that acts vary each night) it made for a great, calming ambience.

You could easily stay in the Sky Lounge Bar all night, but the Sunset Show Bar which is split over decks 8 and 9 is the place to be for some guilty musical pleasures and shameless boogeying into the early hours. In terms of drink prices, I thought they would be extortionate, but was pleasantly surprised when they were cheaper than my local pub! Duty free prices apply to the drinks behind the bar as well as in the on-board shops; which made for an incredibly cheap evening filled with some of the most popular Dutch and Belgian beers such as Heineken and Hoegaarden.

After a fantastic night, I headed back to the cabin feeling slightly woozy and craving my standard class cabin bed. The standard cabins were basic but very comfortable and clean; the adjustable temperature thermostat allows you to choose exactly how hot or cold you’d like your room which added to the overall comfort. There are plenty of rooms to upgrade to though if you want to travel in style! I’m rather fussy with bathrooms, so it was a relief when I opened the door to a clean toilet, sink and shower. The shower was also quite powerful which made for an invigorating wake-up call before heading to Amsterdam.

Getting to and from Amsterdam

Amsterdam City Break

After a coach ride that lasted just under 2 hours, we arrived at Centraal Station in Amsterdam. Being typical tourists we attempted to get to Dam Square (which was a 10 minute walk) and after an hour or so of wandering we finally got there. The coach drop-off and pick-up point was located really conveniently but I would recommend having a map ready or noting down some directions just so you don’t waste your time wandering aimlessly like we did (Amsterdam isn’t very well sign-posted).

After a one night stay in our Amsterdam hotel it was time to go home. The coach arrived promptly which I was thankful for as the rain was relentless all weekend!

The Positives to the Mini Cruise

Cruising was a refreshing alternative to flying, rather than dreading the return journey I had a whole other night of holiday! Rather than sitting on a cramped plane I was relaxing in the Sky Lounge Bar with a lovely cold beverage whilst watching the sunset. Although flying gets you there considerably quicker, the ferry is definitely a valuable addition to the holiday which makes the commuting aspect of travel so much more exciting! From the on-board cinemas to a stroll on the deck at sunset, the Minicruise to Amsterdam is definitely a long weekend worth considering.

This guest post was written by Stephanie Staszko who blogs over at MF Airport Parking. You can check out the site’s blog for travel tips and destination guides, or have a browse around the site for a deal on your airport parking if you’re flying abroad this summer.


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