One night in London may not have been enough

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After my one night in London last weekend, I’ve definitely been feeling that it wasn’t enough. Although I had an amazing time taking in a few sights and the fabulous stage version of Sister Act at the West End, it would’ve been even better to have at least one more day in the big smoke!

Still, beggars can’t be choosers – and it’s not as if I’m not off to the amazing Edinburgh Festival this weekend, so I can’t really complain. But I was checking out other breaks in London and wanted to share this exclusive London hotel and attraction package with my blog readers, which includes entrance to four of London’s most famous attractions – one of which I visited the other day and had a lovely time at.

That was the London Aquarium, which I really enjoyed. The chance to see all those fish, rays, sharks and absolutely huge turtles was really special and I’d definitely recommend it. Also included in the deal is entry to Madame Tussauds, London Dungeons and a flight on the London Eye – all parts of the quintessential London experience. All in all, you save around 20% than if you’d gone to everything separately, so it’s definitely worth thinking about if you’re going to London with the family soon. Staying at the 3 star Hampstead Britannia hotel for two nights with a family of four costs only £391 – definitely an eye-catching price when you’re looking for recession breaks.

Phew – I better stop thinking about the capital when I’ve got another capital to set my sights on. Edinburgh, of course! The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is in full swing now and I’ve already booked my tickets to a few shows, as well as the Military Tattoo in Saturday night. I really can’t wait to head up north to Scotland this afternoon and soak up the festival atmosphere – in fact, it’s nearly time for me to get home and catch the train! The joys of an afternoon off – see you after the weekend!

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