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Posted by Becky

When I visit London I try and avoid the tubes and buses so when the news came that London’s cycle hire scheme would be available to all it got me thinking….

Imagine cycling along the embankment or through Hyde Park taking in the sights and avoiding the jams. With the Barclay’s cycle hire scheme all you need is to swipe your credit card, hop on a bike and start pedalling. With journeys under half an hour free it’s a cheap and easy way to get about the capital.

It may be a new concept to London but other cities are renowned for their cycling prowess. In Paris they have one of the largest cycle hire systems worldwide, with thousands of bikes and 371 Km of cycle tracks the Vélib proved very popular.

Of course Amsterdam is renowned for its bike friendly atmosphere, with 40% of all travel being done on bike. With 600,000 bicycles in the city it has to be a good place to start cycling. Even cycling novices can pick up a bike and enjoy a ride.

Cycling can be a great way of getting round, it saves queuing, crowded public transport and is beneficial to the environment too. I’m looking forward to going down to London and trying out the scheme for myself, or perhaps I’ll try a European break and cycle my way through Bruges, Copenhagen and the many other cities with excellent cycling facilities.

Are you a keen cyclist? What are the best and worst cities across the globe to get on your bike?

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