Next Stop Liverpool: The Magic of The Lion King

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Superbreak’s Head of Theatre and Events David Thomas (otherwise known as our all-round Theatre Guru) knows a good show when he sees one. He also happens to be the first to know about all the hottest new musicals hitting the West End as well as when they’re touring the UK. This Wednesday 17th April tickets go on sale for The Lion King Musical at Liverpool Empire (you can imagine David’s excitement) so he’s put finger to keyboard to unveil a little bit the of magic you can expect to experience at The Lion King Musical…

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‘The Lion King Musical is opening in Liverpool in May 2014’. Now if you’d have told me that three years ago I would have said you were off your trolley. But the fact that the most spectacular of West End shows is being produced and performed outside London is not the most astonishing part of the story.

I was there for the first night in Bristol. I was there for the First Night in Manchester.  I will be there for the first night in Birmingham, Dublin and Edinburgh… and I know that these and every other production will be just as spectacular, as just as powerful as at The Lyceum Theatre in London or anywhere on the globe for that matter. Disney will make damn sure of that.  And the other thing I can be absolutely sure of… that audiences will cheering, and laughing (and crying) wherever this masterpiece of musical theatre is performed.

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So what can you expect from embarking on a Lion King experience?  Well, you buy your theatre break and you arrive at Liverpool Empire. You walk in off the street and take your seat. The lights go down and the chatter fades.  And then it happens.  THAT music starts. That music that is enough to make your hair stands on end when it’s heard live for the first time, silencing and filling an entire theatre. As soon as that soulful, soothing African music begins, you are no longer in Liverpool, London or Manchester.  You are in a ravishingly beautiful enchanted world, somewhere beyond, where the power of the imagination, in the hands of Disney, the master-story-tellers, and one of the most griping and enduring stories of any Musical …anywhere

The Lion King Musical will be showing at Liverpool Empire Theatre from 16 May 2014 to 5 July 2014.

Will you be going?

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