New York is top for New Year breaks

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If you’re struggling to decide where to spend your New Year, your quest may be at an end – New York has topped the list of this year’s most popular destinations to see in 2010.

In the Big Apple they don’t do anything small, and the New Year celebrations are no exception, making it the perfect place for a lively New Year break – as long as you don’t mind the crowds!

Times Square has been one of the world’s major sites for New Year celebrations for over 100 years now, and according to Beat the, this year over a million people are expected to pack into the public square. That’s so many people I find it hard to even imagine what it must be like!

More staggering is that around a billion more are expected to watch the New York celebrations unfold live on TV, which will include a dazzling fireworks display and, of course, the lowering of the famous iron ball that descends the flagpole to count down to the New Year. Apparently, the iron ball was only introduced as an alternative after fireworks were banned from the city in 1907, but it’s now become as much a part of the celebrations as Auld Lang Syne in Scotland.

So, while many will be content to see in the New Year with friends and family at home, or maybe take in some of the New Year celebrations in the UK’s own big cities, it looks like many more Brits will be flying out and staying in hotels in America to see in the ‘teens’ – especially now the pound is gaining strength against the dollar and folks are keen to make the most of the exchange rate while they can.

While I don’t think I’ll be making the trip to the Big Apple this year, I still haven’t decided whether to spend my own New Year break visiting friends in Edinburgh or London – though I have to admit, the five day celebrations of Hogmanay 2010 may end up swaying me towards the former! Not much of a surprise to you all I’m sure, after all I’ve hardly hidden my bias to the Scottish capital on here have I?

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