New Year’s Celebrations around the UK

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The beginning of 2010 is going to be an exciting one and I’m sure that most people are determined to make the welcome party a good one, too.

While Christmas is usually a family thing for me, New Year is one where I love to focus on my friends. There’s nothing like getting together with a big bunch of people and celebrating the New Year in style. This year, however, it looks like things might be a little different – some of my friends have said they’re interested in going away to celebrate this time around! And guess who they turned to for suggestions?

Naturally, it’d be a bit much to expect to travel too far to celebrate the changing of the year, so I thought I’d look into New Year celebrations in the UK first – but I’m sure there are some of you out there who either live outwith the Euro zone or would be more than happy to travel, so I may end up doing several posts on this (and Christmas too, if I can squeeze them in – I love the holiday season!).

So let’s get started – what’s on offer in the UK? Well, I thought I’d start by checking out the capital – London, of course. If you’re in the vicinity of the big city, there’s going to be a cracking fireworks display along the banks of the Thames, at Alexandra Palace Park and in various other London locations. It’s such a big city that I wonder what the chances are of standing somewhere open and seeing more than one fireworks display going off at once! Of course, hitting Trafalgar Square at that all important moment is surely an event to remember, as is attending the parade on New Year’s Day held at 12 sharp – if you can get up, that is.

Of course, if I’m going to talk about large scale New Year’s celebrations, I can’t get away without mentioning Edinburgh. The capital of Scotland is renowned for hosting the biggest New Year’s celebrations in the world. Its annual Hogmanay party, which lasts for the three days surrounding the big night itself, is filled with concerts, events, exhibitions and street performance as Scottish revellers get into the party mood in style.

Every town, city and village in the UK has its own celebrations, but I’d definitely recommend hitting the big cities like the two mentioned above, as well as Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Glasgow if you’re hoping for the biggest party of the year – the problem is deciding where.

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