Moctezuma: Aztec Ruler at the British Museum

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It’s opening weekend of the exciting new exhibition at the British Museum and I’m in London! Hooray! I travelled down last night with a couple of other Superbreakers so we could check out the latest instalment. And I have to say that it’s pretty breathtaking.

Moctezuma was the last elected Aztec emperor who ruled from 1502 until 1520 and was seen by his followers as more of a god than a mortal. His tragic downfall in the wake of Spanish invaders changed the history of the ancient people, destroying its culture and leaving behind the story of a savage people that the Christian conquerors saved from darkness and horror.

However, the Aztecs were an enlightened people with a complex social and political culture, sophisticated to the highest degree for the time – which is something that the new exhibition brings to light. This is the first time that some of the pieces on display have ever been shown in the UK and I couldn’t recommend a visit enough. Fascinating from the depth of amazing history, dazzling treasures and jewellery, with a fantastic array of video displays that reveal much of the true civilisation of Moctezuma’s Mexico before Spain‘s invasion – well, I won’t spoil it for you. I will, however, say it’s well worth a visit and you could even incorporate it into a nice short break down south.

At Superbreak, we’ve put together a couple of packages that incorporate tickets to the exhibition alongside a hotel stay including breakfast. You can choose from various packages, like a night and breakfast at the 3 star St Giles hotel from £73.50pp or a four star night at the Grosvenor from as little as £51.93pp – not too shabby for a hotel, breakfast and afternoon entry to the exhibition.

Well, we’re about to head off out to dinner – then back to York tomorrow afternoon. See you next week – and don’t forget to enter our win your dream break competition for the chance to do just that!

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