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Posted by Victoria

Here at Superbreak we’re all about making your trips as easy and relaxing as possible, including any corporate or conference needs you may have too. As well as offering amazing short breaks for your pleasure, we realise business trips and team events can be just as exhausting to try and plan. So if you need ten or more hotel rooms, everything else can be arranged by our corporate and conference team. We’ll tailor make your event to meet your requirements and can arrange residential conferences in all major destinations. Here are just a few of the most popular places across Europe that we can assist with  your business trip.

London Financial District


Central London is obviously a huge business hotspot, and with so many hotels around it’s hard to know where to start. Depending on where your conference is being held, we can arrange for a hotel within an easy traveling distance for all of your guests.  With such fantastic transport links in the city, it’s easy to find a hotel in a commute of your conference destination, or to make things even easier we can combine the two and provide a hotel with conference facilities. With access from five major airports, it’s also a really easy city to reach when traveling from further afield. Our range of 3-5 star hotels in London offer a wide range of conference and banqueting facilities, making it the ideal city for the complete company event.


The ‘eternal city’ is often a popular business destination, and with its beautiful climate and friendly locals it’s easy to see why. With international access from The Rome Fiumicino Airport and local travel made easy by taxi, bus and subway, getting around is not an issue. Eating out is a definite reason to visit Rome for business, and the abundance of famous landmarks are ready to be explored once you’ve finished working.

Prague Centre


The stunning city of Prague is perfect for a business trip. With high quality transport links and peaceful surroundings it’s an idyllic setting for building your team and enjoying the visit too. It’s reasonably small in size so getting around is easy via subways and trams.  The city has so many beautiful sights it is not hard to see why this city offers such an amazing backdrop for so many company events.


A busy metropolis, diverse in culture and with a stunning climate… who wouldn’t want to do business in Barcelona? With a huge airport which is a key destination in European travel, the city is easily accessible and perfect for a corporate visit. Full of style and flare, Barcelona is definitely a city to be discovered if you get the chance. Some of the architecture is a sight to behold and the Mediterranean atmosphere is perfect for a relaxing business trip

Palma, Majorca


Surprisingly, Palma is a very common destination for short business trips. Usually thought of for the party aspects of Majorca, Palma still proudly shows the historical traces of the Roman Empire, and although now a very cosmopolitan city, it remains calmer and more cultured than its host. Palma airport is the third largest in Spain offering frequent flights in and out of the city. Thanks to our huge variety of hotels in Palma, choosing one that’s perfect for you is simple.

Where’s the nicest place you’ve been on a business trip? Have you visited any of our suggestions before?

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