Making good of Europe’s snowfall

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Posted by Sarah

I’ve been reading loads about the great snowfall that the Alps region is seeing this winter. The Telegraph even says that some resorts in western Austria saw 30cm of snow in the last week – that’s huge! It kind of makes me wish I had booked a ski break this year, despite how expensive things are likely to be in Europe due to the poor exchange rate.

Then again, it’s maybe a good thing that I’ve given skiing a miss this year – as much as I love to go on skiing holidays, I’m really not that good at it. I always come away with cuts, bruises and sprains, although I’m lucky enough not to have broken any bones (yet). Still, I’ve always had an amazing time – and hot chocolate never tastes as good as when you’ve just finished launching yourself down the bunny slopes!

And if you’re going away skiing in the next month or two, I do envy you. I’ve heard that Chamonix in France is really great at the moment, as are many of Austria’s popular ski resorts. If you do find yourself amongst western Austria’s stunning snow-capped mountains, be sure to visit Innsbruck – there are some fantastic hotels around there.

The Italian mountains are a fantastic skiing location too (especially if you can make it down to Lake Como) and Switzerland is always a safe bet. But the next time I go skiing, I think I’m going to head to the Bavarian Alps. Yes, I know – I’ve already talked a lot about Germany this month! But when I was in Munich, a friend and I went on a day trip to the surrounding countryside and the sight of those white peaks – so close to the city – were incredibly tempting.

I’m definitely going to try to make it down there on my Berlin trip, if the snow still holds by then (though I doubt I’ll be so lucky). But, in the meantime, if you’ve had any great skiing adventures, I’d love to hear about them!

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