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Whether you’re staying all inclusive or self-catering, keeping a tight watch on your holiday spending money is an important task for all of us. As I’m quite fussy with food, we tend to stay self-catering on most of our holidays meaning it’s imperative that we try and stick to a daily budget – otherwise you can end up throwing a fortune away on fancy food and over-priced cocktails!

We’ve got plenty of tips on how to stretch our your spending money this summer

Here are some Top Tips for making your spending money go further once you’re there: 

1. Shop around – There are so many shops all selling the same things in many European countries that you could walk around the corner and save yourself half the price. I once paid 15 Euros for a beach towel… never again!

2. If it’s alcohol you want, then get your destination right – Bulgaria, Crete, Algarve, Rhodes and Poland are all great for a cheap beer or two.

3. Research your beach – a lot of places in Europe will charge you for use of their beach sunbeds (around 6 Euros a day usually). But, if you do some research there are loads of places with free ones too.

4. Don’t over-tip – We’re a lovely bunch of people here in the UK that generally leave a healthy tip, but don’t feel obliged to leave one every single time while on holiday. Just because it’s sunny and the world seems a much better place abroad, think of how much it will add up to at the end!

5. Ask about transfers – I’ve made the mistake before of booking airport transfers with a private company, only to find out that the nice people at the hotel offer them for free! It’s best to double check.

Even if you don’t need to save any pennies while on holiday, it’s always good to know what the best deals are and how to make the most of your money. From planning ahead and saving money on flights, to picking the perfect destination for you, it’s actually pretty easy to make that budget stretch a little further.

For more tips on saving money while travelling, feel free to leave a comment below!

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