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Whether you’re staying all inclusive or self-catering, keeping a tight watch on your holiday money is an important task for all of us. Consider alternative forms of transport, go off the beaten track and try and stick to a daily budget – otherwise you can end up throwing a fortune away on fancy food and over-priced cocktails!


Here are some Top Tips for making your holiday money go further: 

Walk – Most European cities are relatively compact and most of the major sites can be reached on foot. Save money on bus, taxi and metro tickets and see more of your destination along the way.

Don’t touch the minibar – £8 for a Toblerone, no thanks!

City passes – Lots of cities offer tourist passes which get you into the main museums and attractions and also include sightseeing tours as well. As soon as you’ve used it a couple of times you’re already saving money.


Take hand luggage – travel light and avoid paying for extra baggage on the plane. The best thing is, as soon as you land you can head straight for the exit; no waiting round at the carousel.

Find fixed price menus – Most restaurants offer meal deals, usually advertised outside so shop around for the best offers. Also, stay away from restaurants on main city squares and near tourist hotspots. Go off the beaten track and if a restaurant is full of locals, that’s always a good sign!

Take alternative transporttravelling by Eurostar is usually comparable to flying and you arrive into the city centre, saving money on airport transfers which can be expensive.


Take the coach – if travelling in the UK and you’re not in a rush, go by coach rather than train and you could save significantly.

Book ahead – rail companies release their cheapest fares around 12 weeks in advance so by planning ahead you’ll gain access to the best priced fares.

Play the age card – don’t be afraid to ask for concessions all over the place, small amounts all add up! If you’re a student, take your ID with you and again, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount.


Set a budget – think about day to day expenses when you’re on holiday. Meals, drinks, excursions and transport costs all add up so plan your budget and try to stick to it.

Save your money – before you travel, pop your pound coins in a money box (preferably one that’s hard to open!) to save for spending money. You’ll be surprised how quickly it builds up.

Go off the beaten track – look for destinations that aren’t on everyone’s radar. Budapest is fast becoming the new Prague, with cultural sights and cheap alcohol…get in there before the prices start going up!

Even if you don’t need to save any pennies while on holiday, it’s always good to know what the best deals are and how to make the most of your money. From planning ahead and saving money on flights, to picking the perfect destination for you, it’s actually pretty easy to make that budget stretch a little further.

For more tips on saving money while travelling, feel free to leave a comment below!

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