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Posted by Sarah

When the pressures of work and other life stresses get too much for me, I find that a change of scenery is one of the best ways to get back on form. An action-packed short break always gets my body invigorated and a leisurely weekend spent strolling around art galleries is guaranteed to stimulate my mind. And if you’re hoping to see similar effects in your life on a short break close to home, you might be pleased to hear that Scotland is soon to offer a new option for those wanting to recharge their batteries and bust some stress.

Later this month Dark Sky Scotland will unveil a number of parks designed to allow star gazers to sit back and chill out as they take in some spectacular constellations – and it’s hoped that these new attractions will make Scotland the number one destination for stargazers. The Dark Sky Scotland project has more than 30 organisations involved as well as the backing of national tourism body Visit Scotland.

So we could soon see Scotland rebranded as the world’s first country to establish official ‘dark-sky discovery sites’ – which makes sense seeing as it apparently has some the best conditions for star gazing in the world.

Of course, Scotland is already home to some of the UK’s most breathtaking sights. The stunning vistas of the Highlands and Islands make them popular in summertime, and seasonal events like the Edinburgh International Festival and Hogmanay celebrations are a big draw for Scotland – I know I love seeing in the New Year on Princes Street! However, these new parks could tempt people to visit in times normally considered as off-peak and provide new opportunities and services for tourists.

So, while the parks might offer something a little different from the attractions you may normally think of when planning your next break, hardworking city dwellers might find natural night-time illuminations – rather than Broadway stars – are the perfect way to sooth their spirits. I know that I’m certainly keen to give one a try.

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