London’s Newest Attraction: The View from The Shard

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London is a beautiful city, especially when you clamber up above the cars and commuters to take in its stunning panorama. Londoners and visitors alike cannot fail to be wow’ed by the city landscapes, with various attractions and chic high-rise restaurants boasting breathtaking view points across the city.

This February sees an exciting new addition to the London attraction scene, towering (quite literally) over The London Eye at double the height. After being known as the defining viewpoint of London since the year 2000, The London Eye has now had it’s title shamelessly whipped away. Aptly named after its futuristic design based around four shards of glass and standing at 1016ft, The View from The Shard is now the highest viewpoint in London and the tallest building the whole of Western Europe! Launching on 1st February 2013, the colossal sky scraper is finally opening its doors to the public after a highly-awaited run up, meaning tickets to the most unique view in London are now up for grabs.

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As part of the experience, visitors will soar to the main viewing platform on the 69th floor to a new-age viewing experience featuring digital telescopes and large interactive touchscreens. The 12 Tell:Scopes are the first in Europe and provide descriptions of 200 points of interest all around the city. Even if it’s chucking it down outside, the clever Tell:Scopes can switch from a real time view to a pre-recorded clear sky view which can stretch for 40 miles. For an extra thrill, the experience continues up at the 72nd floor where visitors can reach the highest point on a partially open air platform at a mind-blowing 804ft.


The Shard is located in the heart of London’s financial district, otherwise known as ‘The City’ and is set to be a unique hub of business, hospitality, residential accommodation and tourism. Tickets have already sold out for the first few days but with a range of hotel and ticket packages, it’s a fantastic option for anyone planning a short break to London (apart from the vertigo-prone!)

Are you planning to visit The View from The Shard? Tell us about your experience!

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