London swallows the Big Apple

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Since October 3, London has been giving locals and tourists the opportunity to experience the genuine New York lifestyle as retailers from the famous US city are opening shop in the UK capital for just four weeks.

I wish this had been in London when I was down there for the Moctezuma exhibition at the British Museum but it looks like I was a week too soon!

Taking place on London‘s Carnaby Street, the event is part of an initiative called Wish You Were Here, which aims to let locals in both London and New York experience what it’s like to switch cities for a month. As London and New York are two of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, I can’t imagine exactly how different it’ll be – but there isn’t a doubt that some experiences, such as catching a yellow New York cab down the road, will be great fun for London residents and visitors to the capital.

Wish You Were Here wants to promote an exchange of cultures, which is why it also got part of London to uproot and move to the Big Apple last month, an experience that many New Yorkers must’ve been thrilled by (and many London tourists may have found a bit baffling). Each move brings with it shops, street vendors, markets, food, drink and, of course, the people. All of the New Yorkers currently selling New York classics like hot dogs, pizza and pretzels on the streets of London have never been to the city before and had no idea what to expect when they got here – so they simply set up shop and got down to business.

I really think this is a wonderful idea. Especially during the recession when so many people are having to postpone their dreams of travelling somewhere far afield due to a lack of cash flow, it’s an excellent opportunity to enjoy some of the authentic experience of another city without having to break the bank.

I just can’t wait for the Hong Kong swap :D

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