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Superbreak’s Online Marketing Manager Khalid got the chance to visit Legoland Windsor with his family and he couldn’t wait to get back and tell us all about it!

Saturday was a day of much excitement in my household as we took the family to Legoland Windsor. It wasn’t just small child excitement either for my 2 kids, aged 3 and 7 but both parents were pretty giddy too.

We were staying at the Holiday Inn Maidenhead/Windsor, just 20 minutes or so from Legoland Windsor. I was pretty impressed with Holiday Inn and how they take care of families. Kids eat free which is a great marketing sound-byte but even better when you put into practice, it does save a small fortune especially if your kids are growing and they can nip back to the kids buffet as often as they want. For a dour Yorkshire man who likes to watch his pennies, I thought it was excellent. The kids however seemed confused when they asked about having more and I replied “Yes, just help yourself”.

The day at Legoland started incredibly well when my 3 year-old measured in at just over 1 metre, meaning she could go on all the rides. She wore her 1 metre wristband with pride and even showed it to the hot dog vendor at lunchtime. Other high points were the new submarine ride, Atlantis Submarine Voyage, we just weren’t expecting to see real fish! My little boy was a huge fan of the Dragon, his first proper roller coaster. My personal highpoint was Mini-land where most of the world’s great cities are recreated. I reckon I missed my vocation as a master Lego Builder at Windsor!

The rides are relatively quick and are just the right length for younger kids. This makes it seem like you never queue for that long. Maybe we were lucky for a Saturday but it never felt like we queued for more than 10 minutes or so. Legoland was a great day out that we all came away from smiling and I am pretty hard to impress. I know I work at Superbreak but I can’t recommend a Legoland break enough!

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