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Posted by Sarah

I always think that Valentine’s Day is a period of extremes: my single friends are always depressed that they have no one to share it with, while my coupled-up friends suddenly become oblivious to everything but their own romantic whims. So I count myself lucky that, whether I’m attached or unattached, Valentine’s Day never really registers on my social calendar.

That said, it is a great opportunity to whisk your loved one away on a Valentine break somewhere, if it’s within your budget. But I guess that’s the problem this year – economic woes mean that loads of people won’t have the means to make that annual grand gesture quite as grand as it used to be.

But, if you’re searching for a last minute Valentine’s idea that’s a little more special than a fancy meal for two, there are plenty of attractions close to home that could provide you with the perfect way to show your love. For instance, if you live in the North of England or southern Scotland, it might not cost too much to take a wee Highlands break (as they say up there!). You’ll be able to enjoy the stunning vistas over a few days and find a hotel in a lovely location. All this snow we’ve been having means you might even get to go skiing!

Or, if you fancy a short break in London, the London Eye’s champagne flights might be appeal; apparently you get fast-track entry, a red rose, chocolate and a glass of fancy champagne all for £66 – and don’t forget those priceless views of the capital’s impressive skyline. If your partner’s never been to London before, it might be just the thing for him or her.

I guess the secret is being creative really. Think outside the box and you’re sure to find a romantic idea that’s affordable and unforgettable. And if you’d rather spend Valentine’s Day at home or in your local area, push the boat out on your present. For instance, if your partner loves cocktails, why not spend the next week creating a tasty new bevvy and name it after them? Just stick the necessary ingredients in a sparkly box and include a recipe card, and you’ll have an immortal present that’s definitely representative of your eternal love. It would work on me, anyway :).

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