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Posted by Sarah

One of the many great things about working in the travel industry is that my friends see me as a Bible of information on up and coming holiday hotspots. It’s a little stressful sometimes but for the most part, I love it. Recently though, they’ve been leaning on me hard for tips on destinations where our currently devalued pounds can go further and I’ve been struggling to think of ideas outside the mainstream.

But one just came to me: Iceland! One of my good friends received a package in the post today from an admirer who’s just been there on a trip. Her parcel included a strange animal-skin stole (not something I am a fan of!) and a huge bottle of Icelandic vodka (that however… 🙂 ). And while I don’t necessarily approve of this guy’s attitude to fashion, I definitely admire his travel ingenuity (and choice in women obviously).

After all, Iceland seems to be one of the few countries in the world that’s more affordable for Britons that it was a year ago. In fact, my research tells me that prices are now 20 per cent cheaper in Iceland than they were in January 2008, and the currency has even halved in value against the pound since global economic troubles began. A fairly stark difference to the ever-inflating euro!

Reykjavik, the capital, is supposed to be stunningly beautiful too, and you can even fly there direct from London. There’s a huge town pond, the Tjornin, plenty of museums and galleries, and architecture that looks very picturesque. Apparently you can even see the Northern Lights there – a natural phenomenon that I think everyone should have a chance to witness. Isn’t it sounding more attractive by the minute? I hope my friends agree or my reputation will be ruined…

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