I can’t wait to visit Agatha Christie’s house in Devon

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Posted by Sarah

Phew! After last week’s footie shenanigans, I definitely feel in need of some genteel entertainment – and I think a visit to Greenway house – Agatha Christie’s holiday home – in Devon will be just the ticket. I’ve been watching videos that showcase the interior, which has just opened to the public after a refurbishment from the National Trust. The BBC has a particularly good video tour of the place and, if you’re interested in a potted tour, you should definitely check it out.

I’m not by any means an Agatha Christie expert (truth be told, I’m more familiar with the TV adaptations than the books) but I just love the way mysteries unravel in her work. I have such fond memories of watching episodes of Poirot on ITV as a child – and hiding behind the couch during the ‘scary’ bits – and I adore the fact that I still get so much enjoyment from watching re-runs of the series 20 years later.

From what I can see, the library looks like the most interesting part of the house (watch the video to see what I’m talking about!). The US coastguard painting along the walls is really intriguing and it’s so special to have a collection of all her works lining the wall in such a mesmerising fashion. The house has been totally renovated by the National Trust to look as it would during its 1950s heyday and I think it looks spectacular. The gardens around it look gorgeous too, so it really seems like the perfect place to unwind over the course of a lazy day.

It’ll probably be the summer before I get a chance to pop down to Devon, but the opening of Greenway house has reminded me of another Agatha Christie landmark that’s right on my doorstep – the Old Swan Hotel in Harrogate. Christie ‘disappeared’ to this Yorkshire hotel for about ten days during the 1920s, but it was called the Swan Hydro back then. I think I might plan a visit sometime soon – it’ll a great excuse for me to visit one of the town’s famous Turkish baths too.

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