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With our Montenegro & Croatia flight breaks launching later this year, we wanted to take a look at the incredible country of Croatia in a little more detail…

The country of Croatia is home to some of the most breath-taking cities across Europe, with Dubrovnik being the most popular. Sitting at the bottom of Croatia, Dubrovnik was made a UNESCO Site in 1979 and is now known far and wide as the Pearl of The Adriatic.

It’s hard not to be inspired when you visit Dubrovnik as you’re never short of something amazing – and of course it helps that with each corner you turn, there really is something beautiful. Whether you’ve been to Dubrovnik already and you’re planning another trip, or this is your first time, take a look at our itinerary of the top 8 things to do when you’re there.

1. Enter The Old Town At Pile Gate

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Perhaps the first and only place to start your day in Dubrovnik would be just outside the Old Town at Pile Gate. First built in 1537, this gate was part of the entrance to the Old Town, with the drawbridge being lifted every night to avoid any unwanted visitors. The grand gate features a stunning Renaissance arch with the statue of Saint Blaise (Dubrovnik’s patron saint) standing proudly in the middle. Of course, for all you Game of Throne fans, you will recognise the gates here from scenes in the popular TV show as Dubrovnik acted as King’s Landing… If Dubrovnik wasn’t already on the map before Game of Thrones, it certainly is now.

2. Walk The City Walls Of Dubrovnik

Cameras at the ready… Walking through Pile Gate will lead you into the bustling Old Town which is full of quaint cafes, bars, restaurants and historic museums. Before letting loose, take a little walk of the City Walls which are something that definitely make this city stand out from the rest. From the walls, you can truly appreciate how incredible Dubrovnik really is. First built in the 12th Century, the walls were built to protect the idyllic republic that lived within and stretch around 2 kilometres, reaching heights of 25 metres…

3. Head To Buža Beach & Soak Up Some Sun

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Croatia is known for its sublime climate which alone, attracts thousands of visitors every year. So obviously when you’re in Dubrovnik, the only right thing to do would be to head somewhere quiet and enjoy the weather in all its glory. If you fancy something a little different from one of the beaches around the city, take a trip to Buža beach which is just on the south side of the Old Town. It’s a small rocky beach which offers mesmerising views out onto the Adriatic Coast. You can sit and enjoy a cold drink at Buža Beach Bar or if you’re feeling daring, jump off the rocks into the sea.

4. Have A Refresh At The Old Town Market

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After taking in the calm surroundings of Buža beach, it’s probably about time for a look around the Old Town Market on Gundulić Square. As soon as you arrive, you’ll be met with a mixture of fruity and floral aromas with numerous stalls selling delicious, ripe fruits, locally produced vegetables and of course, exotic local flowers and plants. The market doesn’t just stop here, sweets, gifts and alcohol are aplenty – get ready to meet the charming locals.
The Old Town Market is open from 7am till 5pm

5. Take A Trip To The Island Of Lokrum

Once you’ve had a quick recharge at the market, jump on a boat and explore the paradise island of Lokrum. Just a 10-15 minute journey across from the Old Harbour and for a small cost, you’ll be able to enjoy all the wonders of the island. Drenched in subtropical vegetation, the island offers a unique and tranquil escape from the buzz of the Old Town. Venture into the beautiful Botanical Gardens, visit the ruins of the Benedictine Monastery and take a dip in the lush, blue sea… Make sure you say hello to the island’s resident peacocks & bunnies too!

6. Visit Dubrovnik’s Notorious Old Prison And Museum At Rector’s Palace

Rector’s Palace, which was once where the Rector of Dubrovnik lived, is now home to an exciting museum which houses furniture and artwork from the time when Dubrovnik was a Republic. When visiting Rector’s Palace, you’ll also be able to discover the old bedroom of Dubrovnik’s Rector as well as the grim prison cells that were housed in the Palace. Rector’s Palace also doubles as a concert hall where some of the most famous musicians play, making this building one of the most beautiful in the city.

7. Catch The Cable Car Up Srđ Hill

One of the best places to be as the sun starts to go down on Dubrovnik is up on Srđ Hill. You can jump in a cable car from the Old Town which will take you directly up the hill for unspoilt views that are definitely worth the trip. Grab a seat at the snack bar for front row seats as the sun sets over the glistening Adriatic Sea – a real ‘pinch me’ moment.

8. End Your Day At Restaurant 360

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With your day in Dubrovnik drawing to a close, the only way to end it is with some authentic Croatian food. Set within the Old Town Walls, Restaurant 360 offers a unique dining experience with impressive 360 views of the port. The location and the restaurant itself come together to create a modern yet historic dining experience. The food at Restaurant 360 is forward-thinking and is influenced by the local culture and flavours of Croatia. With an innovative menu that is always changing, you can expect fine wines, delicious seafood and guaranteed sophisticated dining… Cheers to that!

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