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Are you planning a leap year proposal on 29th February? A quick straw poll in the SuperBreak office reveals that those of us who haven’t yet proposed (but might like to in the future) generally have no idea how or when we’d go about doing it! So we spoke with someone who helps plan proposals for a living; Daisy Amodio – Founder and Romantic Event Planner at The Proposers

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How do you know when to propose? 6 months into a new relationship? Two years? Five? Ten??

You should propose when you feel it’s the right time. Some couples know they’re meant-to-be from their first glance, others after a few years. Everyone’s different. In my professional opinion I think it’s best to wait at least a year. A year gives you enough time to learn about each other, meet families, go on holidays, live together etc. 

Why is proposing on holiday becoming increasingly popular?

Proposals should be personalised to the couple, so if you love going on holiday, then that’s where you should propose. There’s nothing wrong with proposing at home, BUT proposing away from your own home adds that unique and memorable touch.

How much should you be spending on an engagement ring?

Tradition says two months’ pay, but nowadays it’s whatever you want to spend. There’s no point getting yourself into a financial mess for the ring. That said, your partner will wear this ring forever so it needs to be really thought out. You will certainly need to research it and if you’re savvy you’ll be able to pick up a great diamond for half the price. Online retailers offer great discounts. 

Do you really need to have a ring at all?! Are there any alternatives?

A ring is a symbol of marriage and most people want to show their commitment, however if you don’t like the thought of wearing jewellery on your hand then how about a necklace or perhaps a tattoo. Again, you want to show your commitment forever so really think about what’s important to you and your partner.

What are the most successful types of proposals? How do I maximise my chances of getting the answer I want?

Make it personalised. It doesn’t have to cost the earth but it does need to be about your partner. So if your partner is a shy timid person, don’t create an all singing all dancing flash mob in front of a thousand people! Make it just about the two of you in a gorgeous quiet area.

Any hints on how I should secretly find out what my partner’s idea of a perfect proposal is?

You need to think about your partner’s likes and dislikes, if they love pink roses, then litter the room with them. Look at their social media pages, know their style, listen to the hints she/he drops. And if you’re still not sure, then talk to The Proposers. We’re bound to find out their dream proposal and help take the pressure off you – so all you need to worry about is saying those four famous words!


Finally, can you tell us about your own proposal

I always said I wanted to turn the lock to the home we just bought and something happen inside. Well… he listened. One day I did turn that lock and the hallway was dark, only lit by candles. I followed rose petals down to the roof terrace door which had a sign on it. It said “Is this how you pictured your future?” I then opened the door to find him standing there fully suited, surrounded with thousands of lanterns, candles and flowers. He proposed and I said YES!!! The next day he’d booked me into a nail salon because he knew I’d want to show off my shiny new ring. Aww!

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