How to Pack for a Short Break in Europe

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Packing is one of those things that just has to get done when you book a holiday. I don’t think anyone really enjoys it. So, to try and make things a little more efficient for your next trip, check out our top tips when packing for a short break…

Pack the things you need, first 

We’re all guilty of it. Cram in the beach wear and sunglasses and leave the important things until last. Well, I for one think it’s probably a better idea to get yourself organised with some clear wallets for your passport, money, tickets and insurance rather than frantically scrambling around in your bag when you get to the check-in desk! The people in the queue behind you will probably agree, too.

Pack a capsule wardrobe!

Create a ‘Capsule Wardrobe’

This isn’t just a tip for the women, guys, so pay attention! The clothes you take can be the make or break factor in how successful you’re short break packing skills are. Think about layering up – do those shorts go with that shirt and your t-shirts, are those shoes smart enough to wear on an evening, too? Ladies, you really do need only one bikini and one pair of sandals for a weekend break! If it’s somewhere a little cooler, pack multiple thinner tops that can be layered up rather than a handful of knitwear. Mix and match, it’s the winning formula!

Make the most of technology

Sometimes we rely on technology a little too much for my liking, but it definitely has its plus points when travelling. Don’t take up space with books when you can slot your iPad or Kindle into your hand luggage. Keep an eye on the weather with some spookily on-point apps. Tweet a cliché ‘plane wing’ shot with the joys of Wi-Fi at 30,000 feet, courtesy of Norwegian Airways! You can even check-in from your phone these days so no need to constantly check that you’ve still got the tickets every ten seconds. In brief, there are loads of great travel-friendly apps out there, so make sure you get your phone prepped before you set off.

Pick the right luggage

The right luggage has all but changed my life. Whereas I used to haul around a chunky case that probably weighed about a stone by itself, I now have lightweight cases and a handy travel bag for hand-luggage only trips. Not only does it save on the weight, but it’s also hassle-free when pulling it through the airport/station. With hand luggage, always try and pick something that has plenty of pockets inside – that way it’s easier to house all of your important items in easy to reach places.

Choose the right luggage!

Pack the map?

OK, so planning is really important in making the most of a short break, but that’s in terms of pre-journey. Once you get there, I’d advise ditching the map, grabbing some travel tickets/hiring transport and discovering the place for yourself. There’s nothing worse than going home and telling everyone what you got up to, only to get the response of ‘oh yeah we’ve done that’. So, don’t pack the map, but do pack your sense of adventure.

It’s not packing, but…

Don’t make assumptions

Whether it’s about the weather, the currency, the plug adaptors, which side of the road to drive on, anything…don’t make assumptions because you’re preparing yourself to fail. There’s nothing wrong with researching the things that you think everybody ‘knows’ anyway. A major key to taking the perfect short break is in the Googling you do before you leave. That way when you get there, you can just enjoy yourselves! 

What tips to do have for packing successfully on a short break? Share your ideas with us below!

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