How To Make Your Life That Little Bit More ‘Hygge’

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Hygge. A word that evokes a snuggly feeling in all of us and is a pain to pronounce. But what does it actually mean? And how can we inject a bit of hygge into our lives? Well, you’ll find all the answers in our blog below. Happy reading!

First of all, what on earth does it mean?! The Oxford dictionary states:


Pronunciation – ‘HUE-gah’


  • A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture)

    ‘why not follow the Danish example and bring more hygge into your daily life?’
    as modifier ‘count on candlelight —almost a requirement for that special hygge experience’


Danish, from Norwegian.

So now we know, eh? Now time for a bit of the hygge lifestyle; including travel, home decor and food.

Decorate Your Home… Hygge Style

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Drape your home in cosy blankets, candles and soft lighting for the ultimate hygge setting. Although hygge is more of a concept than a collection of things, your home will certainly feel warm and welcoming with a few finishing touches.

Travel to the Land of Hygge – Scandinavia

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To learn more about the hygge way of life, it’s gotta be Scandinavia. Although the concept originate in Denmark, that’s only one of the destinations in Northern Europe that’s embraced the term. Alternative destinations to visit include Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Interestingly, each country has their own word that’s similar to hygge, including ‘kalsarikannit’ (Finnish) and ‘lagom’ (Swedish).

Cook a Delicious Meal for Friends

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Is there anything better than a warming stew on a cold winter’s day? Nope, didn’t think so. Invite some friends over, whip out the slow cooker and party like it’s 1999. You could even turn it into a potluck dinner by asking your friends to bring an item each e.g. crusty bread, a bottle of wine and a pudding!

Try Crafting

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Whether you fancy having a go at handmade candles, knitting your own cute pair of socks or baking a batch of  fudge, crafting is most certainly the way to go to get into the hygge spirit. Pro tip: once you get confident in creating your chosen craft, they make for the perfect gift for family and friends.

Get Camera Happy

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Experiment with your camera (phone, Instax, digital or otherwise) and print pictures of your friends and family to decorate your home in memories. Whether you’re into bright pops of colour or classic black & white photographs, it’s a quick way to bring some hygge character to your surroundings.

Visit a Hygge-Style Hotel

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Pick up the hygge vibe with ease by visiting a hotel that oozes the concept. We recommend the 71 Nyhavn Hotel in Copenhagen for a trip with a hygge-inspired difference. The hotel is located in the city centre too, so you can enjoy a relaxing city break at your leisure.

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