House on the Rock plans a Halloween spectacular

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House on the Rock

I’ve just found out there’s an even greater incentive to visit one of my long-desired attractions this year, as the legendary House on the Rock in Wisconsin is staging a whole host of magical events this Halloween – including a rare chance to ride the world’s biggest carousel.

I first heard of this incredible attraction when I read the novel American Gods by Neil Gaiman, which features the real-life complex in Wisconsin’s Spring Green as a portal to another world. But even accounting for artistic license, from the pictures and reports I’ve seen online, the House on the Rock does seem like something that’s truly out of this world!

With so many diverse rooms and streets lovingly decorated and bewilderingly designed, including a dizzying ‘infinity room,’ this is sure to be one of those few special places on the planet that really does have to be seen to be believed. In fact, the author even said he was forced to leave out some of the attraction’s more bizarre features when writing the book because his publishers thought readers wouldn’t believe him 😮

House on the Rock carousel
The famous carousel. Photo: Wikipedia

A cross between a museum, a fairground and a vivid dream, the House on the Rock sits on top of Deer Shelter Rock and was originally opened in 1959, though there’s been much expansion since then. Unsurprisingly, the already well-known attraction has benefited from even more visitors since the best-selling book brought it to a wider audience, and it seems its owners have finally taken notice by announcing a dedicated American Gods themed weekend over the spooky season.

These events on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 October 2010 will feature a special appearance from author Neil Gaiman talking about his work, as well as panels, presentations, a costume party and of course, the chance to explore the weird and wonderful house itself.

As I’ve said before, I’m always tempted to head over to the USA for Halloween because no one celebrates it like the Americans. And with one of my favourite writers teaming up with one of the attractions I most want to visit in the world, just try and stop me! 🙂

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