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Posted by Sarah

In my line of work you get to hear about all kinds of amazing things happening all around the world, from underground art exhibitions in London to the huge range of festivals that fill the streets of Prague come winter time. And sometimes, when you hear about things that could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, you just want to share.

I hope this blog will be somewhere that I, and hopefully all sorts of people, can do just that. If travelling is your passion, I hope you’ll share a little of it with me and that together we can create a travel blog with a difference – somewhere that you can contribute your experiences and tips but also a place to turn to when you want to know all about the biggest news to hit the world of travel.

I’m planning to keep everyone updated with all of the interesting travel information and rumours that come my way as well as any holiday related titbits and special short breaks I come across, so hopefully you’ll find something to interest you whether you mainly travel for business or whether you’re an intrepid adventurer keen to explore new climes.

Let your mind take you travelling even when you’re stuck at your desk, pop onto my blog whenever you have a spare moment and hopefully you’ll find something to inspire you!

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