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Haunted Houses have long attracted visitors wanting to explore the paranormal and everything that goes bump in the night and many of our hotels also feature a local ghoul or two.  Hotels with a dark past are quickly proving to be a short break in their own right, with many people wanting to delve deep into the history of many old hotels.

Ballygally Castle is a 17thcentury building in Northern Ireland and is surrounded by beautiful views of the sea, but this incredible hotel has a haunted past! The hotel is thought to be occupied by several ghosts including the famous resident, Lady Isobel Shaw. She is thought to be most recognisable from the smell of vanilla and according to reports she was thought to be held in a top corner turret of the castle against her will by her husband.  Many guests of Ballygally Castle have reported hearing knocking at their door during the night or the musty smell of vanilla in the bedrooms.

If you don’t fancy heading to Northern Ireland to discover a haunted hotel, then you will be pleased to know that many English hotels have their own ghosts. The Brownsover Hall in Rugby is a stunning gothic mansion and has attracted visitors for many years with tales of haunted corridors and unexplained goings on! A member of the Boughton-Leigh family who lost his hand at the time of Queen Elizabeth I is said to haunt the grounds and people have reported hearing groans and voices from the empty tower.

Darlington based Blackwell Grange Hotel also has a dark past and is thought to be home to many ghosts, the most famous being the Tartan Lady. After plundering a Highland town the Duke of Cumberland is believed to have stolen her portrait and brought it to Blackwell back in 1746, the picture was lost in a fire but many insist that the Tartan Lady’s spirit roams the grounds seeking revenge for the slaughter of her husband.

These are just three of our favourite haunted hotels but there are many more out there if you are brave enough to spend the night. Have you ever experienced the paranormal on a weekend break?

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