Halloween is coming; the ghost is getting fat…

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Already, people are beginning to chat around the Superbreak office about what their plans are for Halloween this year. It sounds like there could be a party coming up soon, so I’d better start thinking about what I’m going to wear now so I can plan how to win the best costume prize!

Halloween is an exciting tradition in the UK, but from what I’ve heard nobody does it like the US. I know several people who have visited the States during autumn and come back raving about how America does Halloween – so I thought I’d do some searching and find out just what I might expect if I headed there on a short break around the end of October.

Let’s just say that Americans do exactly the same as what the British do – but bigger. From suburban displays of fiendish pumpkins in New York City, where stacked apartments proudly show off their carving skills with ghoulish faces present in windows all the way up the building, to the fear-behind-the-picket-fence of New England towns, where gardens become graveyards and cobwebs are created rather than dusted away, it’s clear that Americans know how to celebrate the holidays.

I also read about some fantastic sounding haunted house parties in Los Angeles where costumed revellers turn up to a spooky mansion and explore inside its walls, with various things jumping out at them before they manage to find the hidden party room, where all sorts of food and drink are available – like eyeballs in a bowl, jellied brains (fake, presumably!) and plenty of ghoulish drinks.

Even just trick or treating is bigger in America. A co-worker used to live in Chicago in the Great Lakes and he told me that in the suburbs it’s not strange for people to hide candies in their front gardens and invite local kids to search for them – though you need to have a big supply on standby as they’re very good at finding things!

And if you’re really wanting to check out a large scale Halloween celebration, I found out about an event in Texas called Boo at the Zoo. Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville opens its doors to visitors with a vast amount of carnival games to entertain, as well as a huge haunted house to explore making it a definite tempting location for a Halloween break.

I love Halloween and I can’t wait for it to come around this year – but it looks like my enthusiasm could be beaten by that of many Americans!

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