Guy Fawkes Night coming up!

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Remember, remember – tonight is Guy Fawkes Night, the night we get together and celebrate the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot back in 1605. Well, sort of. Nowadays, it’s mostly about energetic firework displays, actually bonfires aren’t even that common any more… but it’s a tradition still worth enjoying.

I really love this time of year, despite the darkness. What with the fun of Halloween being followed so closely by Guy Fawkes Night, it’s a really good way to herald in the winter months and to console ourselves with the fact that, yes, it’s getting colder now – and quite a lot colder at that! And it’s nice when you see people keep traditions alive.

Some people are still going the whole way when it comes to bonfires too. I saw an article on the BBC that detailed how a Kent bonfire society is all set to burn an effigy of Katie Price. That’s right – Jordan, celebrity model, author, plastic surgery connoisseur and star of one of the most publicised divorces in years. They’ve put up a 30ft model of the star and are making preparations to set her alight tomorrow night. However, given the south east England society’s penchant for burning figures from the public eye – having chosen Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross last year, as well as Cherie Blair and Saddam Hussein in previous years – they’re adamant that it’s to be taken as nothing more as a joke.

I’m not sure if I’d see the funny side if I was Katie Price, but I bet lots of people will be heading down to enjoy setting alight to the guy, as well as taking in fireworks and a torchlight procession.

In Worcester, there’ll be a bonfire, barbecue and fireworks, as well as circus acts that’ll entertain crowds with impressive fire-eating displays – made all the more magical by the covering of the night sky. Leeds‘ Hyde Park will be packed with thousands of spectators braving the mud to eagerly await a stunning firework display and a big bonfire lighting up the night. Such events are taking place up and down England – and the rest of the UK, of course. I know I’ll be heading out to catch York‘s best Catherine Wheels tonight, just need to remember two pairs of socks this time!

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