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A few weeks ago Diane Spence, Superbreak’s Conversion Manager, spent a spine-tingling evening at The Bridge Hotel in Wetherby. Find out what she thought of her mysterious night out…

The Bridge Hotel in Wetherby was the setting of Diane’s mysterious evening…

“There’s been a murder!”  No, these are not normally words that would be conducive to a fun night out!  But in this case they elicited screams of excitement and a rush of people to ‘view the body’.  The ‘body’ was lying awkwardly on the floor with a large knife protruding from between the shoulder blades and a large red ‘blood’ stain over the ‘victim’s’ shirt!


Let me shed some light on things.  For this was of course not a real murder, but a carefully crafted and staged one, as part of a Murder Mystery night at The Bridge Hotel in Wetherby.

My husband I and were there with another couple and had hired the services of a local baby sitter we know, to look after 3 children in our room, so we could have a rare and eagerly anticipated night out.

When we arrived at our table I could see we were in for a fun night, as we all introduced ourselves. There were 2 guys who had received the night as a present and a couple of local ladies who were Murder Mystery break veterans.

Actors and actresses acted out an intriguing and ever twisting plot, between courses of our delicious 3 course meal.  Plus there was plenty of audience participation to get everyone involved.

There was also a spare seat on each table where the actors would take turns at sitting with us, so they could be ‘interrogated’.

I have to say, my cheeks were sore from laughing by the end of the night, as we retreated to the bar for a nightcap with our new friends.

Did we guess the murderer?  Unfortunately no.  But by that time it didn’t really matter.

So ‘who done it’?  Now that I can’t reveal.  But what I can is that I will certainly be back for another one!

Has Diane inspired you to book a Murder Mystery break? Have you experienced one before? Leave us a comment and let us know! Prices start from £95pp (inc. 1 night hotel stay)

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