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I’m sure we’ve all heard plenty of it – and maybe some of you have had enough of it – but all the hype about going green has got me thinking about how people are feeling about going on holiday. While it’s true that flying to exotic locations uses plane fuel, which equals nasty carbon being released into the environment, I thought I’d take a look at some of the destinations that could let eco-conscious travellers offset some of the damage and enjoy a guilt free holiday.

After a little bit of consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that adventure type holidays could be among some of the best breaks for people who don’t want to cause much environmental impact. Obviously, I don’t mean skydiving trips or anything like that, but the kind of outdoors holidays where you can hike across amazing mountains like the Appalachians in the US and Canada, or plunge through the jungle of the Amazon Rainforest that spans across the South American countries of Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia – to name but a few!

Then there’s heart-in-your-mouth extreme sports like white water rafting – which would be amazing to do in somewhere like New Zealand, what with all of that breathtaking scenery on either side. That is, if you’re not too terrified to take it in. In the same region, there’s camping trips to the Australian outback where you can explore the desert, see stunning mountainscapes and listen to the sounds of a starry night.

Camping is definitely one of the best ways make your trip more eco-friendly. Your accommodation needs no electricity and it’s easy to take any waste with you to dispose of properly and pop into local recycling facilities either on-site in some camping parks or at the nearest sign of civilisation. It’s also a brilliant way to save money – something I wrote about a couple of weeks ago when I noticed the camping trends jumping up around Scotland.

Of course, if it’s an extreme sport style holiday, I know I’d definitely prefer the opportunity for a proper shower and the comfort of a hotel bed after a busy day’s adventuring – and knowing I could do it with minimum impact on the environment makes it all the more worthwhile.

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