Gibraltar City Guide: Top 8 Questions about Gibraltar

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As one of the most up-and-coming summer short break locations, we couldn’t help but make Gibraltar one of our Destinations of the Month. British at heart, this Mediterranean home-from-home has so much going on, all with the added extra of sky high temperatures and year round sunshine. From cultural and historical attractions to the rather unique Gibraltar apes, this is definitely one of Europe’s forgotten gems. Find some of the most frequently asked questions about Gibraltar below, and if you have any of your own feel free to leave a comment!

The impressive Rock of Gibraltar

What currency do they use?

The good ole’ Pound Sterling. There will be both Gibraltar and UK issued coins and notes intermixed and either can be used – be aware however that although the coins have the same value in Gibraltar they do not in the UK, so if you take any back with you be sure to get them exchanged. Some places will also accept Euros and even US Dollars, but there are plenty of currency exchange bureaus around.

Do I need my passport?

The standard rules apply as with all EU countries. If you are a citizen of the European Union you are free to come and go as you please but yes, you will need your passport to show at the border checkpoint.

Gibraltar’s coastline by night

What can I do whilst I’m in Gibraltar?

There are loads of things to do in Gibraltar, but the most obvious is to head to the top of The Rock for stunning views and to meet the famous Barbary Macaques. Other great sights include St Michael’s Cave and the WW1 Siege Tunnels, the cable car and even dolphin sightseeing trips. However you do it, make sure you get the chance to observe the beautiful area from above.

Are there any beaches?

For a destination of its modest size, Gibraltar does actually have a great array of six beaches – however, only four are sandy (Sandy Bay, Eastern Beach, Catalan Bay and Western Beach). The most popular of these for tourists is Eastern Beach, as it’s the largest and has the most facilities.

The famous Gibraltar Barbary Macaques

Can I feed the apes?

Short answer – NO! Not only is it unhealthy for the apes to eat a lot of the things we do, it’s also illegal. A £500 fine awaits you even if you hand them the tiniest morsel so don’t take any chances. The apes are fed twice daily by Government nutritionists, who ensure they get all of the goodness they need.

Is the Cable Car accessible to wheelchairs?

Unfortunately not. When it was built back in the 1960s, making attractions wheelchair friendly wasn’t a necessity – they are looking at changing this as soon as possible though. For those who can manage a few stairs, they’re at the top and bottom of the stations.

Enjoy incredible views from the cable car!

When’s the best time to visit?

If you’re looking to pay a visit to Gibraltar for the summer holidays then you’re in luck, as the hottest months are May to September when temperatures average a perfect 27 degrees centigrade. However, it’s also worth considering later on in the year as winters in Gibraltar tend to stay mild thanks to the warm Med sunshine.

Did you know?

Did you know that you can in fact take a day trip to AFRICA from Gibraltar? Located just 20 miles off the North African coast, you can book one of our Tangier Excursion Trips and spend the day exploring the bazaars and numerous landmarks of Morocco. Mini travellers (0-3 years old) go free, too!


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