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Posted by Becky

One of my favourite things when I was a child was when my parents brought home the Radio Times and we could all plan what we would watch during the Christmas holidays. Now with Christmas just around the corner I’ve got out the TV guide and am planning my days viewing.

With the door tightly closed and treats to hand there is nothing better than getting together with family to enjoy the magic of Christmas TV. I’m sure my niece will love watching all the antics of the Meerkats on BBC2 on Christmas morning, while my nephews will be keen to catch up with all the Dr Who action in the evening.

In years past we have all gathered together amidst the discarded paper and piled up gifts to settle down after dinner and relax in front of a film. Flicking through my guide I can see that there is a great selection of family films throughout the day to keep everyone entertained.

As the family leaves and the night draws in I can sit back and unwind with some late night comedy on Channel 4. Alan Carr’s Tooth Fairy live show will see me through to the end of the evening.

What will you be watching this year? Maybe the best Christmas adverts on Channel 5, just catching up with Family guy or viewing as many Christmas films as possible.

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