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I’ve talked so much about the fantastic festivals taking place across the British Isles this summer, I haven’t had time to go into the great opportunities that await those venturing further afield. So without further ado, here are the dark details about a film festival that’s piqued my interest and got my pulse racing, taking place later this week in Toronto.

Toronto After Dark

Toronto After Dark is a film festival with a sinister twist for movie buffs in Canada, showcasing the best horror, sci-fi and other films deemed ‘cult movies’ – usually more to do with their niche subject matter than audience numbers alone!

Running over eight days and nights – beginning very fittingly on Friday 13th August and lasting until next Friday 20th – the film festival is a chance to see premieres of this year’s scariest and most out-there films at the Bloor Cinema.

Some of the most eagerly awaited previews among film fans include The Last Exorcism, the latest thriller by Hostel director Eli Roth, and the downright wacky Rubber from French director Quentin Dupiex, aka Mr Oizo. The film centres on a rubber tyre that sets out to avenge the atrocities committed on its kind by humanity… well I told you to expect the unexpected!

Many well-known films from the last few years will be showing at the festival too, including the much talked-about The Human Centipede. British cinema is well represented as well, and films like Heartless by Philip Ridley aim to prove once and for all that our national film industry isn’t just about rom-coms :P

It won’t be for everyone, of course, but I think it’s great that genre events like this mean you can find something for all tastes in this summer’s festival calendar – wherever you happen to be.

I’ve seen a couple of news stories this week claiming that August is a ‘cultural drought,’ with little to attract the attention of those who love all aspects of the arts. Well I don’t know where those journalists have been looking, but with the Edinburgh International Festival taking place all month long, featuring thousands of shows, not to mention the other great events happening every single week, the only problem I have this summer is trying to pack them all in!

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