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Posted by Becky

Many towns and cities in England claim to be the most haunted in the country with thousands of people flocking to glimpse a sight of a ghost or some paranormal activity. The ancient city of Chester cites itself as the most haunted City in England with over 2,000 years of history and 120-160 haunted sites in central Chester.

For those who like to get up close and personal with the spiritual world The Best Western Premier Queen Hotel in Chester has created an evening of Paranormal activity for you to enjoy. With a ghost tour of Chester and a psychic gathering in the evening it’s enough to get anyone spooked.

Chester is not the only famous haunted city York and Edinburgh also claim the title and with plenty of Ghost walks taking place across the UK you are sure to find one wherever you stay on your short break.

With a host of historic sites across the UK it seems Ghosts are all around us. Chillingham Castle in Northumberland is home to several chilling ghosts and even conducts its own haunted tour around the castle and grounds. Borley Rectory in Essex is surrounded in legend and despite the fact it no longer stands the village of Borley is still visited for its ghostly feel.

If you are planning a London break you can still get you fill of the paranormal. 50 Berkeley Square is the most haunted house in England; white Highgate cemetery and the Tower of London offer an array of ghostly stories to appease any appetite. Or why not have a night at the theatre and experience an evening of fear and unease at the acclaimed Ghost Stories.

Do you enjoy being scared? Have you ever seen a ghost or do you even believe in them?

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