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Posted by Sarah

Would you be surprised if I told you that I visited Disneyland Paris in the year it first opened? Of course, it was called Euro Disney Resort for the first few years, but I think the name change definitely suits! I was fairly young and probably on the cusp on abandoning my wide-eyed love for all things Disney, but it was definitely a great send-off from what I can remember.

My family and I stayed at the Sequoia Lodge, which is built in a national park-style environment with lots of greenery and wood building features. I don’t recall much about the rides we went on (except the spinning teacups – I loved those!) but I do remember having a really fun time. From what I’ve heard, they’ve really enhanced the attractions on offer there in recent years too.

Anyway, the reason for my reminiscing is that one of my colleagues is taking her children there over the Easter break. But while her kids love Disney films, and her husband is quite a fan too, she’s not so keen – and it’s no secret so she won’t mind me saying so here! I’ve spent all day trying to convince her to give herself up to the Disney magic while she’s there, so I really hope she does. Regardless of whether you find Disney culturally malignant or divinely entertaining, there’s really no other way to enjoy Disneyland Paris (or any of the other Disney resorts) except by immersing yourself in its bubbly charms. And if your kids are really loving their time there, I’m sure you will too…

Of course, if a 100% Disney holiday really doesn’t appeal, you could always try to transform the excursion into a slightly longer break in Paris. Spend two or three days in the resort and then head into the city to soak up some fine art at the Louvre or the Pompidou Centre and expunge that Mickey Mouse mass consumption out of your system.

Personally, I think a Disneyland Paris break sounds like a great way to spend a few days – especially considering that you can get a direct train from London too. And as the resort tries to attract visitors during the downturn, you’re sure to come across affordable accommodation and kids-go-free offers too.

My suggestion for Disney sceptics is to do some research before you go – in the form of film-watching that is! I’d very much recommend Enchanted, it’s definitely a new classic – but then again, I’m enjoying a Disney renaissance at the moment 🙂

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