#FirstWorldProblems with Jason Manford


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Do your skinny jeans always go baggy at the bottom? Or do you hate when you can’t get straight into bed after you’ve painted your toenails? Read on to find out what Superbreaker Diane thought of Jason Manford’s latest comedy tour that exposed our #firstworldproblems…

My husband and I recently booked tickets to see Jason Manford’s live comedy show, after I saw an interview with him on daytime TV show Loose Women and thought he would be really funny.  Well, he was and I wasn’t disappointed at all. He was playing at the Barbican Theatre in York, famous as a Championship snooker venue.

On the theme of ‘first world problems’, he had endless material on the ‘so called’ problems that we come across in modern society. It was such a great theme for a show and I can imagine a source of endless material. One story centred around coming home unexpectedly late and a bit tipsy, only to realise you stripped the bed that morning! Ahhhh!

During the break, some pens and paper were left out, for audience members to write down their own first world problems. Now I have to say quite a few of these are unrepeatable!  But I do remember laughing so much my cheeks hurt!

Having 3 toddlers, Jason also told hilarious kids-based stories that a lot of the audience, myself included could relate to, like the one about his daughter screaming at the top of her voice that he needed to “Stop the car! Stop the car!” as he sped down the motorway. Why? Because she had a leaf on her shoe! Parents, you will understand that one!

Overall Jason Manford came across as down to earth and naturally very funny, engaging with members of the audience throughout the show.  It also came across that being a comedian was something that he knew he wanted to do from an early age and had worked hard to get there.

So, if you are thinking of going to see this Jason Manford’s live show I would say, definitely go for it. But, as always when you go to see a comedian, just don’t sit on the front row! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Oh, and my first world problem? When you want to watch something on TV, but realise that SKY+ won’t let you, because you are already recording two things!

If Diane’s recent trip to see Jason Manford has inspired you to see some stand-up, why not check out our range of comedy breaks?

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