FIA Scrap Team Orders Rule for 2011 F1 Season

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Posted by Matt

Last year F1 fans around the world were treated to one of the most heart stopping, edge of your seat seasons there has ever been! However, like with most F1 seasons throughout history, there was an ever present undertone of controversy in the form of Team Orders.

It all began at the Grand Prix in Germany where Ferrariā€™s Felipe Massa led for most of the race but then was sent a coded message to tell him to let team mate Fernando Alonso past him. Alonso went on to win the race but Ferrari was fined $100,000 by the FIA for using Team Orders which was against F1 rules.

The controversy of Team Orders continued when Mark Webber of Red Bull Racing hinted that he was being treated as a number 2 driver after the English Grand Prix. As Team Orders was against the rules in 2010 every mention of it was seen by many pundits as un-sportsman like and cheating the crowd out of a fair race.

However, although controversial and against the rules some fans asked why it was wrong? If a team employs 2 drivers is it not up to them to choose who is number 1 and 2? Well next year it will be as the FIA have scrapped the rule on Team Orders, meaning teams can talk openly about it and put the drivers in any ranking order they like!

So is this fair? Will the abandonment of the Team Orders rule make the 2011 F1 season better, fairer and most importantly more entertaining? What do you think?

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