Falling in Love with Rome

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I love to travel, so it’ll come as no shock to you that my wish list of places I hope to visit is very long indeed. Yet there’s really only a handful of destinations that I’ve spent my entire life desperately hoping to visit – Rome was always one of these places.

When I was lucky enough to go last year, I took bags of child-like enthusiasm with me and an awful lot of expectation; I’m happy to say that it utterly surpassed my expectations. It’s a magical city, and I very excitedly made my way around all the Rome attractions I’d always dreamt of visiting – the Spanish Steps, the romantic Via Veneto, the Vatican, the Roman Forum and, of course, the amazing Coliseum.

The Colosseum

It certainly surprised me therefore to come away from my break in the city knowing that I’d left my heart in an altogether different place – at the gorgeous and impressive Trevi Fountain. Sitting on the marble steps, being over-awed by its intricate beauty and enjoying the finest gelato I’d ever tasted in the warm Italian sunshine, it was my perfect Rome moment.

I liked it so much that I went back again. And again. And again! Not least because there are so many different flavours of gelato to try. Mostly though because of how pretty the fountain itself is, and that it’s a great spot to chill out, rest your feet after a long morning of sightseeing and to people-watch. The Trevi Fountain is constantly abuzz with swathes of visitors and you’ll get everything from cheesy tourist photo-posing to the odd marriage proposal – it’s that sort of a place, and I love its magnetic energy.

Michael beside the Trevi Fountain

The thing I love most about Rome though is that you’re always right around the corner from something breath-taking. Whether it’s a beautiful building or a magnificent monument, must-see churches, fountains and piazzas are scattered around the city and Rome is primed for exploration. I absolutely exhausted myself (and my friends) walking from one street to the next, gawping open-mouthed and running down the battery on my camera. Getting around everything you’ll want to see on foot is certainly achievable, but given the chance again I’d most definitely try out a bike tour – another great way to discover the best bits of the great city.

If you’re fond of your history, great food or fantastic shopping (or, like me, all three!) then Rome is a superb choice for your short European break. Go, visit the Trevi, discover all that the Italian capital has to offer and find out what your perfect Rome moment is too.

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