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You could say that I fit in well with the Superbreak ethos, as I whole heartedly believe in the beauty of the short weekend break! So much so that I try to squeeze in as many as my limited budget (and holiday allowance) will stretch to. I am a big fan of Europe and with so many destinations on the continent being a short hour-or-so flight away, the possibilities are endless.

Having recently done all the European ‘biggies’ (Paris, Rome, Barcelona) I decided to try and see some of the smaller and lesser known cities in Europe. I had heard a lot about Munich being a super trendy and upcoming destination. With talk of it having double the charm and half the crowds of the other European giants, I decided to embark on a weekend break to Munich.

Munich’s iconic city hall

We touched down in Munich airport on Friday night and luckily had a speedy reunion with our baggage, we were ready to make the 30minute drive towards our city centre hotel. The flight was only 1hr 30mins so the whole travelling process felt extremely speedy and painless.

I was lucky enough to be staying at the super luxurious Bayerischerhof Hotel, which is a fourth-generation family run hotel located on the Promenadeplatz. Oozing history, grandeur and character, the hotel was a perfect central base for exploring the city. After a late night dinner and a few Mai Tai’s at Trader Vic’s Polynesian restaurant, I was ready to get some sleep for a busy day ahead.


The perfect nightcap!
The perfect nightcap!

On Saturday morning I was up early and ready to explore the city. We decided to start the day with a guided city tour which was spent half on mini-bus and half on foot (a perfect combination if you ask me). As we began our tour of the city I was struck by Munich’s blend of wide tree lined streets (such as the ever-so grand Leopold St) with the central cobbled passage ways. Along with quaint squares and the many traditional Bavarian buildings, Munich is unique and extremely picturesque. I’d recommend staying in one of the more central Munich hotels to ensure all of the cities central loveliness is right on your doorstep. Unlike the highly cosmopolitan capital of Berlin, Munich maintains a much more relaxed atmosphere, which gives it its nickname of ‘the village of 1 million people’.

The colourful Bavarian rooftops of Munich

Our tour took us past all of Munich’s most iconic buildings including the Gasteig Cultural Centre, the famous Munich Opera House, Maximillian St (Munich’s answer to Bond Street), the Hof garden, the Frauen Church and Oktoberfest HQ. We also passed the Munich Sealife Centre which would be a great choice for families, or big kids! My favourite part of the tour was seeing Munich’s most bizarre sight, the river surfers. Yep you read that right; the river Iser runs through the centre of Munich and creates a huge natural wave underneath one of the bridges. Ever since one crazy person decided to tackle the wave with a surf board, it’s become Munich’s #1 craze ever since!

Crazy surfers on the River Iver, it was absolutely freezing!

Our tour ended with a drink in one of Munich’s famous Hofbrauhaus brewery, which boasts a huge Bavarian beer hall complete with traditional and the biggest pretzels I have ever seen! Despite not being a beer lover myself, I took the when in Rome approach and decided to sample the local delights. Visiting the brewery was a great way to do something typically Bavarian and generally just soak up the atmosphere. Carrying on the theme of German ‘tipples’, we headed back to the hotel for an extravagant meal and numerous bottles of German wine!

When in Rome! Me with a beer and German Pretzel

Day 2 included a trip to the well-known Haus der Kunst, Munich’s centre of modern art comparable to the Tate London. Feeling slightly woolly from the events of the night prior I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the exhibitions, especially Kendell Geers exhibition on the South African apartheid. Sounds like heavy stuff I know – but it was actually extremely interesting and I’d highly recommend a visit.

The famous Haus der Kunst (House of Arts) well worth a visit!

The rest of my trip consisted in a bit of Sunday afternoon ‘wind down time’ complete with massage, sauna and steam room session (goodbye German alcohol). With a flight time of just 1hr 30 mins from the UK, bags of attractions and culture and endless bars and restaurants, Munich is a highly underrated city and makes for the perfect European short break destination. I fell in love with the city and genuinely can’t wait to return.

Have you ever thought of visiting Europe?

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