Euro 2012 Champions Part 2: Germany vs. Italy

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Posted by Kirstie


Yesterday saw Spain take victory over Portugal in the first of the Euro 2012 Semi Finals, pipping the Portugese team to the post in an edge-of-your-seat penalty shoot out. Spain was also victorious in the head-to-head challenge we posted on here yesterday – I wonder if we can predict tonight’s winner?

In the second of our 2 part Euro 2012 Championship specials, Germany takes on Italy in a short break showdown to see who will come out on top in the European break stakes!

1. Capital City – Berlin vs. Rome

After a long and turbulent history Berlin is regarded today as a vibrant cosmopolitan city and is a popular destination for a European city break. Located in the north west of Germany, the capital city of Berlin is home to around 900 bars and over 4000 restaurants, making it a great location for indulging in city nightlife. The city also has fantastic cultural attractions, including the Reichstag Building and the striking Bauhaus Archive.

Rome is also home to a multitude of historic attractions, from the iconic Colosseum to the stunning ruins at the Roman Forum.  Known as the Eternal City, Rome’s history spans over two and half thousand years and is well known as being the home of the Roman Empire. Today the city is one of the most visited destinations in Europe, with a lively continental atmosphere that continues to attract visitors from around the globe.

Winner: Rome (Italy) – I’m probably biased because I’ve never been to Berlin and I’ve just got back from a short break in Rome, but it’s the Italian capital that wins hands down for me. From the breathtakingly beautiful works of art treasured in the Vatican Museums, to the sublime baroque ceilings at Il Gesù church, Rome will always be special to me.


2. Cuisine – Frankfurters vs. Pasta, Pasta and more Pasta

In all regions throughout Germany, meat is often consumed in sausage form. There are more than 1500 different types of sausage, from Bratwurst to Weiβwurst. One of the most well known of the German sausages is arguably the Frankfurter, a staple ingredient of hotdogs around the globe.

Meat is also an important part of Italian cuisine, with Prosciutto or Parma Ham being a popular speciality. As well as gelatos and pizza, Italy is renowned as being the nation that introduced pasta to the world. With 310 types of pasta known by over 1300 names, Italian pasta recipes are endless and perhaps most appealing due to their flexibility and variety of ingredients that can be used.

Winner – Pasta (Italy) – I can’t resist a delicious bowl of Spaghetti Bolognaise served with a cool glass of wine on a summer evening, and with so many tempting pasta recipes to choose from, Italy wins this round for me.

3. Climate – Kalt und Windig vs. Caldo e Soleggiato (Cold and Windy vs. Warm and Sunny)

With a mid-European location, Germany has a temperate climate quite similar to that of Britain, with the weather being mostly dominated by a westerly wind. In the coastal regions of the north and north-west of the country rainfall is common all year round due to the proximity of the North Sea. At the opposite end of the country the German terrain turns mountainous, with the climate in the Baravian Alps region being typically cold with heavy snowfall.

While the north of Italy also shares mountainous terrain, most of the country is surrounded by the warm waters of the Mediterranean sea, giving the coastal regions mild winters and long, dry summers. Average temperatures in the southern cities such as Naples during the summer months are around 30 degrees, making this region popular with those looking for a European summer break.

Winner – Warm and Sunny (Italy) – With all the ups and downs and generally poor attempt at summer here in the UK I’m definitely craving some warm Mediterranean sunshine making Italy the winner of this round too!

Totals: Germany 0 – Italy 3

So after three rounds of close competition, Italy has come out on top as the perfect destination for a short break this summer, after stealing point from Germany in all three rounds! Can the Italian football team replicate this success on the football pitch in tonight’s Euro 2012 Semi Final Game? Or will we see another Spanish and German finale?

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